Hi again. A few people asked me not to close a blog for a while because somebody couldn’t read the post about leaving… So maybe 2-3 days it will be open and I have time to save my own posts from the drafts, which I don’t publish.

And I want to answer the questions about leaving.

t’s not very easy decision for me but I have to do this. This blog don’t bring to me any hapiness or what it should bring? I can’t express what I feel and what I want to say, I haven’t got any connections with followers and I was popular only in that moment when people can write and argued with me about the movie - very bad popularity. I have 1 000 followers in 3 months but most of them are like dead weight, I’m sure that they even don’t know what is this “chinesedragonwuyifan” they’re following. And yes, I don’t like this name ”chinesedragonwuyifan”, I thought that people would see “Malaika”, but not ”chinesedragonwuyifan” :(

It tooks me a lot of time to do gifs, really a lot. To be honest, I want to be that person who can do in 5 minutes black-and-white photo and become popular with that, but even when I’m doing gifs for 2-4 hours I get only 10-30 notes of pitiness. Sometimes I don’t care whether people like my post or don’t but when I put a lot of efforts and time…It bothers me. Stupid human nature.

Sometimes I see my gifs and posts in other blogs  which get much more notes then mine and I get upset but I shouldn’t, I don’t want to. 

To be honest, I just don’t want to be mediocre blog with mediocre posts and dead followers.

So yes, I have this decision.

Thank you for your attention.