I said it before that I’m going to do some gifs. It’s nothing special, to be honest, but I keep announcing it every week^^

So what I’m going to do: to post gifs of all performances where Kris was participated. We have five eras: Mama, Wolf, Growl, MID, Overdose and about 200 performances, and I’m going to do gifs of all these stages. 

In the beginning I was going to take only stages from official video of channels and official recordings for concerts, but there are a lot of performances where there wasn’t any close-ups of Kris or it was so tiny, that it was easier to do a snapshot than cut out the gif^^ So sometimes I’ll be using fancams…

Later I’ll do a page for the performances, but now I’ll post gifs without links.

It will be many gifs, posts will contain from 1 to 9 gifs(“Two moons”) and I’ll do from 10 to 30 stages every week depending from my job and health issues. And I’m going to end this antology(maybe, it’s not correct word for this) on 6th of November^^

I edit all gifs, but sometimes the quality is bad and I can’t do anything about it, so sorry for this… Or maybe someone has already done it(but I didn’t see) and it’s real nothing special..

Anyway, it’s Kris’ history in EXO, 2 years of mr. Wu and his charismatic presense and perfect dances, so let’s enjoy it together… 


Anonymous asked:

Reup reupload sorry XD

Ahaha, okay it becomes more awkward) You asked about some concrete video, didn’t you? And the verb “would” means “polite form of the future tense the verb “will”?  And probably you asked about the video I was talking about in the previous post?

I’m sorry to disturb you but we have to finish this conversation with some result^^

Anonymous asked:

Would you do a video reup of the gif source?

Okay, this is really awkward moment because I don’t get what do you mean T_T What is “reup” means? I don’t know how many times I said about it, I’m not a native speaker and don’t understand some things, many things, actually(((

The one thing which came to my  head - are you asking about keeping video on the laptop, than yes. I download video and don’t delete it after using. Unfortunately this February my laptop had broken and I lost all video I had(I saved only documents, gifs, raw gifs and a few photos).

Sorry for this excursion to my problems^^ I hope I’ll understand you, if not - write again please, because I really wanna know what is your question was about))) 

Thank you. Have a nice day!



So, I was asked many times about the same thing: where are from these gifs(below the text)? 

Answer: I’m making gifs since last August and these gifs(10 gifs) were made something  around September-October(or later?) and now I haven’t this video anymore. This video wasn’t from youtube, I found it through the link in weibo and now I don’t know where it is…

Now this is my goal to find this video somewhere in Chinese video-hostings… If anyone knows where followers can find it, help them and me. Anyway I’ll try to find it and ask my friend to help me, so if I find it, I’ll post the link or something… Stop spamming about this, okay? Thank you for understanding^^


140825 kevinshin7 instagram: "ALS ice bucket challenge. @boogaloo_kin @galaxy_fanfan @th_shinanigans"

"I challenge my brother from another mother - Kris Wu Yi Fan" - Kevin Shin

ALS ice bucket challenge

I’m very glad that Kevin Shin gave YiFan a possibility to participate in “ALS ice bucket challenge”. Even if YiFan can’t take this challenge for any reason, it’s great that  he got this chance…

I hope that he can join this charity programme and he’ll do his best - either cold water or money or both, it’s not important at all. The most important thing - he has a beautiful heart and opportunity to help other people.

Thanks to Kevin Shin…